Fermilab Facilities Engineering Services Section

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory


Housing Office, housing@fnal.gov, manages on-site housing and maintains 85 buildings.

Chez Leon Fermilab's own fine dining restaurant, serves lunch the first Wednesday of each month.

Taher Dining Services the contractor that provides food services to the Laboratory, manages Fermilab's cafeteria, provides on-site catering services and manages the food and drink area of the Users Center.

Users Center The new Frontier Pub, lounge, game room, and meeting rooms are located at the Users Center on Che Che Pinqua in the Fermilab Village.



Fermilab Facilities Engineering Services Section


Village Recreation Area

Accommodations at a Glance

The Accommodations Organization

Jack Hawkins x3777

Fax 630-840-2823   Aspen East

Housing Office
C. Bentham
J. Cyko
J. LaSusa
J. Hatfield

T. Eggleston
D. Lee

Food Service
(J. Hawkins)

Chez Leon/Users Center
K. Barnes