Fermilab Facilities Engineering Services Section
Facilities Engineering Services Section


METASYS is an automated building controls system here on the Fermilab campus. 

METASYS is particularly useful to Building Managers who want to keep tabs on their building controls systems. 

METASYS can be accessed via a Fermilab PC.

If you currently are not a METASYS user and would like to become one, please contact Ted Thorson of the Utilities and Engineering DDC Group.  Ted can also be reached at X 6619.

If you are a METASYS user, and want to access METASYS:

      • Remember to first log in to your VPN account for METASYS.
      • Once you’re successfully logged in to the VPN, click on a link:

METASYS                                                              CUB METASYS

      • Note:  If you need to access METASYS on your Fermilab PC, and is hasn’t been installed, please submit a Service Desk request with the words “FESS Metasys” in the Summary field.  In the Notes field, include verbiage requesting a METASYS installation.

      • RF Metasys alarms

For more information about Metasys, please visit the vendor’s website:
Johnson Controls - METASYS