Fermilab Facilities Engineering Services Section

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Facility Management is the department within FESS responsible for the operation and maintenance of non-science infrastructure at Fermilab.

Requests for assistance can be made through your building manager first or from our help desk at extension 3434 during business hours Monday through Friday.

Emergency access at other times is available through the security communications center. Non programmatic Infrastructure managed by Operations includes: electrical distribution; industrial cooling water (ICW); surface water; low conductivity water(LCW) regeneration; natural gas, sanitary sewer; fire protection / detection; cranes; Central Utility Building systems; HVAC; lighting; domestic water; Metasys DDC; cathodic protection; ground water sump pumping / related systems and crating/carpentry.

The maintenance group is located at Site 38 and the maintenance engineering group / store room is located at Site 39.

Fermilab Facilities Engineering Services Section

Facility Management

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Facility Management at a Glance

The Facility Management Organization

Facility Management Vision Statement

To provide our customers with deliberate and timely response to infrastructure inspection, maintenance and repair needs that are within our core services and capacity in a way that is respectful, efficient and effective.

Facility Management Org Chart