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This page was last updated on Monday, April 13, 2015

We have experienced or have planned a utility outage on the following system(s):

<empty> Industrial Cooling Water <empty> Drinking Water (Domestic Water)
<empty> Sanitary Sewer <empty> Chilled Water (Process)
<empty> Natural Gas <empty> Low Conductivity Water (LCW)
<empty> Electrical  <empty> Other:  
<empty> Indicates applicable system

FOR YOUR INFORMATION:Power Outage for Site except the Village Area to put all site back to normal after the test.

LOCATION : Areas affected and their time: CUB, Wilson Hall, Minos, LarTf, SED, Miniboon start at 7:00 am back up at 7:25 am, Transfer Gallery, Linac, FCC2&3 start 7:35 am back up 7:55 am, Booster start 8:10 am back up 8:30 am FCC start 9:00 am back up 9:01 am, Ind. Bldg. Areas start 9:15 am back up 9:55 am, CDF & D0 start 9:45 am back up 9:55 am, Main Ring Serv. Bldgs. start 10:05 am back up 10:35 am, Meson Areas & Site 40 start 10:45 am back up 11:15 am, Site 38, 37, 39, 29, FD start 12:pp pmback up 13:15 pm, NS2, NS4, Casey's pond start 13:30 pm back up 13:57 pm, GCC start 13:55 pm back up 13:57 pm, FDR36 & 37 Proton & Ktev start 14:10 pm back up 14:30 pm, F0 & RF start 14:45 pm back up 15:00 pm, MC1 & Pbar start 15:15 pm back up 15:30 pm

SCHEDULE: : Work is scheduled to beginning on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 7:00 a.m. and completed at 15:30 (3:30 p.m.) on Tuesday April 21, 2015

Contact building manager for outage accommodation services such as relocation, emergency power, emergency restroom facilities, etc.

Need more info?
Contact the Outage Coordinator Joe Pathiyil, at ext. 3004 cell phone 630-404-0110, or Lonnie Huitt, at ext.8910.