Fermilab Facilities Engineering Services Section
Facilities Engineering Services Section


POWERLOGIC is a power monitoring system here on the Fermilab campus.

POWERLOGIC is particularly useful to Building Managers who want to keep tabs on their building power factors/quality/consumption. 

POWERLOGIC can be accessed via a Fermilab PC.

If you currently are not a POWERLOGIC user and would like to become one, please contact Ted Thorson of the Utilities & Engineering DDC Group.  Ted can also be reached at X 6619.

If you are a POWERLOGIC user, and want to access POWERLOGIC:

      • Click on a POWERLOGIC link below.
      • Note:  If this is the first time you’re accessing POWERLOGIC on your PC, a series of browser plug-ins will need to be installed.  Please submit a Service Desk request with the words “FESS PowerLogic” in the Summary field.   

POWERLOGIC – 480 Volt                                     POWERLOGIC – High Volt

For more information about POWERLOGIC, please visit the vendor’s website: