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Transportation Services Department mission is to combine the efforts of the Material Distribution, Shipping/Traffic, Mailroom, and Vehicle Maintenance departments to provide safe, economical, and professional service to the entire Laboratory staff and user community.


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Transportation Services

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Transportation Services at a Glance

The Transportation Services Organization

George Davidson x3309

Assistant Manager:
Brian Niesman x6399

Admin Assistant:
Jennifer Thorson x 3470

630-840-3470 Fax 630-840-3246
Site 38 Warehouse 2 Annex

Material Distribution is comprised of the Receiving and Distribution Departments.  All incoming material  (FedEx, UPS, vendor delivered freight, equipment, supplies, etc) will be processed through the Receiving Department and transported to the final destination by the Distribution Department.  The Distribution Department will also manage intra-site transportion of material and maintain the site taxi service.

Shipping/Traffic arranges and coordinates shipping arrangements with carriers, participates in freight rate negotiations, handles claims procedures and performs freight bill audits and approvals. It serves as the liaison with commercial carriers, handles household moves, prepares necessary traffic documentation and coordinates import and export activities.

Vehicle Maintenance provides repair and maintenance for most of the government vehicles on-site. It also coordinates the use of off-site contracted forklift truck repair services, monitors the utilization of the fleet and assists in the procurement of new vehicles.

Mailroom processes U.S. and international mail, interoffice mail, sorts, delivers and picks up Laboratory mail on a daily basis.