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Housing Office or Accommodations

The Housing Office, located in Aspen East at the corner of Batavia Road and Sauk Boulevard, is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You may contact the Housing Office by phone (1.630.840.3777),

Email ( This office oversees the operation of all Fermilab housing facilities, including accepting rental payments and onsite housing requests.

To request onsite accommodations please email

All Fermilab residents, visitors, employees, users, and contractors have the responsibility of facilitating a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment. Expectations of proper actions and behavior are outlined in the Fermilab Statement of Community Standards. All Users and Affiliates must communicate all necessary information and safety training they’ve received at Fermilab to their family member or guest.

REAL ID at Fermilab

Please note that beginning July 1, 2021 personnel requesting access to non-public areas of the Batavia and South Dakota sites must submit a REAL ID-compliant document as part of the badging process. Additional information regarding REAL ID can be found at


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Dial 3131 from any Fermilab phone or (630) 840-3131 from a cell phone