Fermilab real property infrastructure

As home to powerful particle accelerators and stories-high particle detectors, Fermilab requires a vast infrastructure to support its experiments. Our site, which functions like a high-tech small city, relies on traditional utilities and infrastructure systems and a team of experts who design, build and oversee operations of conventional facilities. We maintain our own electrical power grid, acres of state-of-the-art office and laboratory building space, a network of well-traveled roads, and water systems for drinking and cooling experiments.

A by-the-numbers rundown of our property infrastructure gives a sense of the size of our facilities:

  • 6,800 acres of land (much of which is managed natural landscape)
  • $1.9 billion total replacement plant value
  • 366 buildings, 2.4 million gross square feet
  • 101 miles of electric cable energized through
    • 2 primary electric substations, and
    • 241 secondary electric substations
  • 20 miles of natural gas pipe
  • 24 miles of industrial cooling water pipe and conveyances
  • 20 miles of domestic (drinking) water pipe
  • 16 miles of sanitary (waste water) pipe
  • 15 ponds
  • 36 miles of roads and
  • 112 acres of parking lots